Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Inc. is a community-oriented, comprehensive behavioral health and support service spectrum within Mohave County. Services are provided in the least restrictive settings possible, with an emphasis on individualized and recovery-oriented care.

Crisis services are available twenty-four hours per day, and can be accessed by telephone or in person at any outpatient clinic during business hours, or by telephone after hours and on weekends. If you are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, or are concerned about a loved one who may be experiencing a behavioral health crisis, you may come into an outpatient clinic site or call 1-888-757-8111. You or your loved one will be assessed to determine what level of intervention and support is indicated.

Our outpatient clinics offer a full array of behavioral health services to both children and adults. Services may include assessment, psychiatric interventions, therapy and counseling (provided in individual, family, and groups), medication, residential or inpatient programs, case management, vocational services, and living skills training. Other supportive services, such as peer support services, health promotion, and family support services are also offered, geared towards helping individuals and families develop additional self-awareness and specialized recovery skills to improve independent functioning and quality of life. All services are provided by qualified behavioral health staff and are driven by a service plan developed by the client and the client’s child and family team or adult recovery team.

MMHC’s programs are licensed through Arizona Department of Health Services, and are accredited by the Joint Commission.

If the quality of your life-or the life of someone you love-has been significantly impacted by a behavioral health condition, like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, childhood behavior disorders, bipolar conditions, eating disorders, or substance abuse, for example, we invite you to contact the MMHC outpatient clinic in your area to see if our services are right for you. Know that you are deserving of help-and that recovery is possible! We look forward to helping you envision a new life experience for yourself or your loved one

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If you’re experiencing a behavioral health crisis call: (888)757-8111 24/7 and you will be connected with a crisis counselor.

                          NOTICE TO CLIENTS:
This practice serves all clients regardless of ability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income.                                               For more information, ask at the front desk.                                                Thank you.

                           AVISO PARA CLIENTELA:                      Etsa práctica sirve a todos los clientes, independientemente de la incapacidad de pago. Descuentos para los servicios esenciales son ofrecidos dependiendo de tamaño de la familia y de los ingresos.                                                                             Usted puede solicitar un descuento en la recepción.                                           Gracias.