Dawn Abbott MA, LPC, CHC
Chief Executive Officer
Dawn is a Midwestern girl, originally from South Bend, Indiana and a life-long Notre Dame fan. She received her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Arizona and left her position at Sierra Tucson as a counseling supervisor to join MMHC in 1993. Since then, Dawn has served MMHC as a Child/Family Therapist, Intake Therapist, SMI/Vocational Program Manager, Crisis/Intake/Adult Services Clinical Director, Associate Chief Executive Officer, and since 2009, Chief Executive Officer. Dawn also serves on the Arizona Behavioral Health Planning Council, representing rural Arizona, and maintains certification in Healthcare Compliance. She’s an annoyingly persistent, pushy gal, with a strong commitment to excellence in service delivery, supporting the personal and professional growth of those around her, laughing loudly as frequently as possible, and has an abiding love of motorcycling, the freedom of the open road, and the outdoors in general.
Melissa Dixon
Director of Operations

Melissa, a fourth generation Kingman native, came to Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Inc. in 2013 as a Client Records Clerk. She quickly advanced to Assistant Client Records Supervisor, becoming the Client Records Supervisor in 2015. Melissa completed the advanced training in HIPAA to serve as the agency’s Privacy Officer and is currently completing her degree in Accounting Science. Melissa is a devoted mother and enjoys playing pickleball, badminton, camping and all outdoors activities with her husband and children. We’re happy to have Melissa as long as we can before she settles in some exotic location like the Bahamas!

Jettie Blanton MSW, LCSW
Quality Management Director/Inpatient Facility Administrator
Jettie grew up in Dallas, Texas—which is immediately evident when you speak to her and hear the Southern influence! Jettie began her career in substance abuse counseling at Westcare in Nevada after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She worked for both Westcare and Monte Vista in varying capacities, in both women’s-specific and crisis care facilities, until she came to work for Mohave Mental Health Clinic as a Crisis/Intake Therapist. During this time, Jettie had recognized the need to broaden both her clinical skills and her training to better serve individuals with co-occurring disorders, and achieved her Master’s degree in Social Work from UNLV in 2006. Since then, Jettie has served MMHC in several capacities, moving from Crisis/Intake Therapist to Adult Therapist, Social Services Coordinator, Adult Services Clinical Supervisor, and most recently, the Quality Management Director/Inpatient Administrator. Jettie’s passion for and commitment to quality service delivery at all levels of the organization make her an excellent fit for this position. Outside of work, Jettie loves to spend time with family and friends, and is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan and motorcycle enthusiast.
Dr. Mohamed Ramadan
Medical Director
Dr. Ramadan attended medical school at the Alexandria School of Medicine and Benha School of Medicine in Alexandria, Egypt, then did his medical post-graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He completed psychiatric residencies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita, as well as a Psychopharmacology Fellowship at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita. Dr. Ramadan came to MMHC in 2005 as a staff psychiatrist and became Associate Medical Director in 2009. He has served as MMHC’s Medical Director since 2011 and offers a suboxone clinic to our clients in need of opiate replacement therapy. He still serves a full patient caseload in our Bullhead City clinics and is appreciated by our clinical staff for his approachability and willingness to consult in challenging treatment situations.
Andrea Burris MA, LAC
SMI Clinical Director

Andrea came to Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Elementary Education from her home state of southern California. After teaching in both elementary and middle schools, she decided to try out behavioral health, and we’re so lucky she did! Andrea began working for MMHC in 2005 as an SMI Case Manager, while pursuing her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. She then worked as an Adult Therapist before advancing to SMI Clinical Site Supervisor in 2011. With strong values rooted in advocacy, accountability, and a commitment to quality of service delivery, Andrea is now our SMI Clinical Director. In her spare time, Andrea plays the electric bass, sings, cooking/BBQ, and “glamping” with her family and friends.

Harold Duhon MS, LISAC
Adult Services Clinical Director
Harold is originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Harold achieved a Master’s of Science degree in Counseling and Addiction Studies from the University of Arkansas. Accepting a position at Management Training Corporation/Arizona State Prison, he moved to Arizona in 2007 and then joined MMHC in 2008 as a Crisis/Intake Therapist. He then served MMHC as an Adult Therapist and a Clinical Site Supervisor before becoming Adult Services Clinical Director in early 2015. Harold prides himself on creating a communal work environment built on honesty and respect, and is committed to providing quality treatment that improves life for individuals and families.
Kristine Palmieri MS, LAC
Children’s Clinical Director

Kristine, a third generation Italian-American, is a Lake Havasu native who joined Mohave Mental Health Clinic in 2006 after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Northern Arizona University. She started her career as an SMI Case Manager, then progressed to Assistant Site Supervisor and Clinical Site Supervisor positions. She has since completed a Master’s of Science program in Mental Health Counseling and achieved licensure through the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners. Kristine enjoys her family time and loves spending time with her beautiful nieces; she maintains a healthy work/life balance with her hobbies of trail running in her Razor and attending country music concerts! Kristine is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, one person at a time, and celebrates having the opportunity to make powerful changes earlier in the Children’s department.


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